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  • Modern, attractive design developed specifically for Hoteliers
  • Extremely durable, drip-free, and easy to install
  • Patented Pump (lifetime guarantee)
    Lockable, 100% hygienic, & tamper-proof

Cost Savings

  • 60-80% cheaper than bottled amenities
  • Refill every 3-4 weeks resulting in reduced housekeeping costs
  • Allow you to buy liquids in economical bulk quantities

Waste Reduction

  • On average, 80% of hotel cosmetics are wasted
  • The average 100 room hotel disposes of 11,000 plastic bottles per year
  • EcoWave liquids have Nordic Ecolabel (SWAN) certification, the highest environmental standard.
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AVIVA dispensers

For over ten years, AVIVA has been the best-selling hotel Dispenser in the industry. Installed in over 50,000 Hilton & Starwood branded hotel rooms worldwide, it is the hotel brand dispenser of choice. The clean and intelligent design has numerous customisable configurations. Hotels can choose from a selection of different bottle and trim options and can fully customise their faceplates to have their own personalised hotel or liquid brand name displayed in every guest bath area.

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iQon dispensers

The iQon is our newest Dispenser, taking advantage of over 20 years’ research and experience. This elegant, modern Dispenser comes with the one, two, or three large easy-to-clean 375ml chambers to dramatically cut housecleaning costs.

Its crisp, clean appearance comes in a variety of different finishes and with solid or transparent chambers. This unique and pioneering product uses the dependable technology of AVIVA with a bold and elegant design developed to be customised — a progressive concept that has delighted our customers and enhanced their bathrooms. It has never been easier to put your own unique touch in every shower than with the iQon’s enclosed, water-proof channel.

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WAVE dispensers

Modern and minimalistic European design that is as functional as it is stylish. Behind the WAVE’s sleek, distinctive facing is our largest capacity chamber, capable of holding nearly half a litre of liquid. Housekeeping will love the reduced maintenance time and guests will love the convenience of an effortless supply of amenities at their fingertips.

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SOLera dispensers

Move your guest shower amenities program to a spectacular new level! Now that’s beautiful! Designed to boldly promote your brand and delight every guest!

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Customisation Options

Custom dispenser graphics

Whether your hotel chooses the ever-popular AVIVA, the luxurious iQon, or the stylish Wave, you can customise the front of your Dispenser to represent your property’s uniqueness. We can tailor the products to suit your brand and make an unrivalled impression on your guests or use our templates to create your own. Want to know more? Contact us – we are happy to help!

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