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Green Earth

Dispenser Amenities has been a pioneering voice in changing the way people think about hotel amenities for over 20 years. Our products have been designed specifically to fulfil the needs of hotel operators. We have a presence world-wide with local offices located across the globe. Trusted by customers ranging from small bed and breakfasts to huge multinational hotel chains and cruise lines, we can be found in more than 70 countries worldwide and have our own compact network of sales and distribution partners. We are quality driven & close to our customers.

All of our Dispensers come with our patented life-time guaranteed pump system. We were green before green was trendy, and we were also the first company to develop superior bulk bath and shower liquids for commercial use. All of this is to aid us in our drive towards our mission: to reduce the number of small plastic amenity bottles and partly used bars of soap being sent by the world-wide hospitality industry to landfills.


Bottle Waste

By switching hotels from individual amenity bottles to refillable Dispensers, Dispenser Amenities has prevented over one billion tiny bottles from polluting our environment. Each chamber of every Dispenser we sell prevents approximately 255 plastic amenity bottles and 5.5 litres of shower liquids from being wasted annually.

Plastic waste is one of the world’s most serious environmental concerns today. Five enormous gyres made entirely of plastic waste occupy our oceans, polluting the entire food chain. Landfills are filling up three times as quickly as they would without disposable plastic, and polluted coastlines are affecting both ecosystems and enjoyability. Talk to one of our representatives today to see how you can join us in our mission to protect our planet.